finish Carpentry

Edmonton & Area Finish Carpenters

When it comes to finish carpentry in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas, The Dutch Touch has you covered. There's enjoying what you do and then there's loving what you do. For The Dutch Touch our greatest love of the labor is finish carpentry.


That satisfying feeling of laying the final touches down in that home or business. Keeping the lines tight and seamless with an artistic touch. Then finishing it all off by sealing it up with paint or a stain. Creating an outcome that makes it look, as if it grew there. 

The Dutch Touch harbors a decade of carpentry experience with an artists imagination and an unparalleled drive for perfection. 

If you really want to take some stress out of your renovation or new build process, The Dutch Touch is the company to provide it. Pairing our Finish Carpentry services with our Painting Services creates one contact, one team and one contract. Creating a more fluent schedule, giving you, your home or business back sooner.